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The purpose of this nonprofit religious corporation is to provide teaching and church leadership,
mentoring skills, programs and resources for Christian ministries and pastors in Latin America.

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Founded in 2000, Latin American Christian Ministries (LACM) is a non-profit organization created to provide foundational support for equipping Christian leaders in Latin America.

The present focus is on the Latin American Leadership Development Program, which offers contextual theological education at a Ph.D. level in order to equip the leaders of the church. There is an urgent need for this type of program due to the critical shortage of Protestant leaders and teachers in Latin America and the high cost of doing advanced theological studies in North America or Europe. Yet there are few opportunities for Protestant church leaders to pursue upper-level theological studies in their continent and in their language.

The vision of the Latin American Leadership Development Program (LALDP), under LACM sponsorship, is to meet this need by providing a multi-site, multidenominational network of Latin American scholars working together in a School of Postgraduate Studies. The LALDP cooperates with Protestant leadership formation programs throughout Latin America. Inaugurated in February 2004, this program appears to be the first Protestant doctoral-level multi-site program of its kind to be approved and accredited at a university level by a Latin American government.

We are humbled that God would choose to use us to help this project become a reality. If you are interested in partnering with us (in prayer, gift or other way) or in receiving more information about LACM and the Latin American Leadership Development Program, please contact us.

Additional details about the history of the program are available in our brochure (best printed 2 sided) .

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